Do you offer services aside from IT software?

If you opt for our premium software, you would get support services that will guide you in planning your system management. Our team of experts will provide sound advice on what’s the best set up for the type of your organization.

What is the cheapest software do you have?

All of our software is affordable. The cheapest would be stand-alone software such as document control, data security, and Netflow Analyzer.

Do you have a trial period I can avail?

Yes, we do give one month of free trial on all of our software packages and stand-alone products.

I have several options for software systems. What’s your edge?

Our prices are the best in the software industry. The packages we offer come with technical support dedicated to assisting you in times of need.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Cancellation can be done within 48 hours of payment. Simply contact us within that period, and we’ll cancel your subscription with a confirmation email.

Is there an additional fee for upgrades and add-ons?

No. We maintain our software regularly. We conduct an upgrade when we deemed necessary. All these extra measures are done to ensure our edge and relevance of our software. It would be unfair we charge you for those.